No matter how many careless, erroneous, distorted, or self-serving broadcasts appear on television, stations manage to keep their licenses. The FCC seems to tolerate rampant misuse of our public airwaves.

Read specific documentation of the problems with network news, sports, and public service announcements. (See also complaints about TV entertainment and local TV.)

Network News

Journalists seem to have lost the ability to think logically.

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) News

The Disney corporation that owns this network was reported to have refused to distribute a movie as a form of bribery to gain tax breaks. Collusion between the press and politicians compromises First Amendment freedom, designed to serve the public.


Primetime (also known as Primetime Live)

Primetime Thursday

Saturday Night


20/20 Downtown

Up Close

The network home page has yet to provide mention of this interview series.

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) News

Forcing Walter Cronkite off the air has been only one of this network's disservices to the public.

CBS Evening News

48 Hours

48 Hours Mysteries

Although produced by so-called journalists, this series contains little if any news content.

60 Minutes

60 Minutes II

Unfortunately, this stepchild lacks the clarity of the parent. Finding a limited supply of significant news to share with its parent, it sometimes reaches for stories.

60 Minutes Wednesday