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Academic freedomWe favor freeing educational institutions from manipulation to distort research to provide private economic benefit. Academic freedom from corruption and outside manipulation must be protected. Academic freedom from ethics and candor is worthless to society. Academic fraud must be eliminated.It is increasingly common for educators to distort their research, misleading the academic community and confusing the public, under pressure from administrators, politicians, donors, sponsors, or their own wallets.
AddictionWe favor prohibiting government promotion of addictive behavior, such as gambling (especially the lottery).Most states have become addicted to lotteries, which transfer money from the poor to the affluent.
We favor legislation to prohibit recovery of unsecured debts for gambling and bar tabs, so that businesses are encouraged to accept only cash that people can spare.Casinos and saloons provide no material benefit for the money they take from the public. Casinos often provide free liquor and food to encourage people to gamble despite getting too tired and drunk to understand their actions. Businesses that take advantage of customers' addiction should not have the help of our court system in getting more money from susceptible people than they ever intended to spend.
Artistic freedomWe favor reversing the current trend toward rating obscene or offensive media to instead promote widespread voluntary labeling of safe and inoffensive media.Requiring labeling of content would negate the right of artists to withhold information for dramatic effect. Consider the official investigation of the song "Louie, Louie", which found the lyrics unintelligible. Any label making claims about content of an ambiguous recording would invite complaint, either from those who found something unwanted, or from others who failed to find what they wanted.
CommerceWe favor tariffs and subsidies based on the actual cost or benefit to society of the movement or transaction, no more and no less.It is legitimate to favor domestic industry because of its domestic benefits. Protecting industry from equitable competition harms consumers.
We favor a free trade policy that allows workers to market their labor anywhere.Anyone who tolerates barriers to labor while claiming to support free trade is a hypocrite.
We favor the voluntary labeling of products that meet standards important to consumers.Any law that inhibits the consumer's right to know cheats the public.
CommunicationWe favor establishment of a unique telephone country code for the USA, so that offshore swindlers will be clearly distinguished from numbers subject to domestic law and domestic prices.When one dials a phone number, it should be obvious which country one is calling and how much the call will cost.
We favor requiring businesses that provide toll-free telephone numbers to publish their names, addresses, and local telephone numbers in a readily available source, so that consumers can research them before giving out personal information.
We support the right to choose the security of pulse dialing on telephones.TV ads have appeared that encourage children to hold a telephone while tones are broadcast for "900" numbers. Tone-dialing phones will accept these tones as if they had been deliberately dialed, adding huge charges to phone bills. Pulse-dialing phones only accept numbers that briefly open the circuit, something impossible to do from a television speaker. Thus, the tone-dialed phones introduced a security defect that pulse-dialed phones are immune to. Consumers who prefer the security of pulse dialing should be free to employ it.
We favor minimization of area code changes by instituting several new area codes at once, rather than one at a time.Some people and businesses have had their area codes changed several times in recent years, at significant cost.
We favor tightening FCC requirements to allow low standards of accuracy and integrity to be considered in broadcast license renewal procedure.
We favor the legalization of analog television to serve areas where the digital signal has proven too weak to form a picture.
We favor standardizing the television aspect ratio to the golden ratio of 1:1.616
Conservation and sustenanceWe support the right to glean.In France, where they are protected by law, gleaners salvage the remaining food left in the fields after harvest.
We favor requiring growing municipalities to live within the limits of their resources.
We favor requiring debtor governments to deactivate development, timber, mineral, and agricultural rights to forest land as a condition of debt forgiveness.The debtors would benefit by gaining relief from their debt. The creditors would benefit from preservation of carbon sinks.
We favor using Virginia's statute prohibiting crimes against nature to be used to prosecute all who damage nature.
Consumer rightsWe favor the establishment and promotion of standards of quality in merchandise by nonprofit organizations (such as labeling of non-irradiated and genetically unaltered food).
Cleaning up neighborhoodsWe favor moving vice out of vulnerable neighborhoods by means of zoning laws with fines that reflect social damage.Gambling, prostitution, and similar vice-oriented activities can cause blight if allowed to proliferate in neighborhoods with children or respectable businesses. Because it addresses human desires, efforts to eradicate vice tend to drive it underground, where people will encounter it without intending to.

Criminal prosecution has a threshold of proof, encouraging undercover police investigation and entrapment. Zoning laws, enforced against the landowner, require only proof that the activity has taken place at a location, not identification of perpetrators. Operators who keep vice in isolated or adult-oriented zones would be free to do business. Those who bring it into the neighborhoods where you work and your children play should be closed down.
Criminal justiceWe support the right of crime victims who have sufficient evidence to request an indictment from a grand jury.
We favor requiring new police officers to have five years of civilian experience outside law enforcement, to provide perspective on their role in society.
We favor stringent laws, enforcement, and prosecution of crimes committed in jails and prisons.
Where the law provides for administrative release of felons, we favor adding a preliminary phase that would determine whether the felon should be considered for release before exposing victims to the trauma of a full hearing.We might as well spare Charles Manson's victims appearance at a parole hearing if the board will routinely turn him down even without their statements. That's just one case out of thousands.
To the extent possible, we favor treating addiction as a health problem rather than a criminal matter.Imprisoning people with personal problems turns them into criminals.
We favor restricting police confiscation of property to actual proceeds of criminal transactions.The punishment should fit the crime.
We favor requiring confiscated criminal property to be returned to the owner upon dismissal of charges.Those found innocent should not be punished.
We favor using appropriately confiscated property to compensate crime victims first, then to go to programs to reduce crime.Police agencies should not have an incentive to steal property, especially when victims and educational programs have greater need.
Economic justiceWe favor recognition in law of the right of people to participate in any economic decisions that affect them.Communities impose taxes on workers and shoppers who live elsewhere without their consent.
EconomyWe favor greater consideration of preservation of natural and community resources, which is ignored by the GNP and GDPMost economists like to measure only economic activity, whether it creates or destroys material wealth, quality of life, or viability of civilization. Government should focus on economic measures that consider the value of resources created or lost by economic activity or inactivity.
To provide an incentive to greater accommodation and productivity, society should provide significant economic encouragement throughout the economy to cooperative enterprises, such as those that thrive in Scandinavia, whose residents outlive Americans.
We favor increasing flood insurance premiums on new construction and rebuilds to cover the full cost and risk of the policy.Subsidized insurance encourages building in flood plains, putting people's lives at risk and increasing the drain on emergency and relief services. Permanent construction should only be located where it has a likelihood of lasting.
EducationSchooling must not stand in the way of education.
Those who intentionally create ignorance must take responsibility for the consequences.
We favor full support for public education at all levels.In advanced countries, students are not expected to pay to study. The additional tax revenue and the benefits to society are recognized as outweighing the cost.
The benefit of the educational dollar should be measured community-wide, not merely among those permitted to attend a specific school.
We favor placing an education tax on known contributors to functional illiteracy, such as television.Commercial television license fees should include a substantial contribution to the primary education that is undercut by the medium.
Because children learn through mistakes, they should not be afraid to make and correct them.As bowlers say, you raise your score by mastering spares, not strikes.
We favor increasing intellectual diversity through incentives.Special credit should be given to students who develop skills to preserve the world's intellectual diversity (e.g. developing fluency in languages that face extinction).
Schoolbooks should not outweigh the student.Carrying excessive weight, such as a stack of heavy books, can put pressure on growing spines and joints beyond those anticipated by nature.
Don't depend on technological babysitters.The limitations of video and computers in teaching and providing information should be understood by all who use them.
The stress of Virginia's infrequent, all-or-nothing Study or Lose (SOL) exams is detrimental to young children, whose attendance is often compromised by colds. Therefore, educational progress should be evaluated more frequently, quantifying a wide combination of abilities that defy specific preparatory study.
If the School of the Americas is to exist, we favor an open-admissions policy and changing the curriculum to emphasize the peaceful resolution of political problems.The US-run School of the Americas has only admitted foreigners, especially officers of quasi-governmental Latin American armies, in torture techniques to prevent popular revolt. Depriving non-military people and US citizens of this knowledge is censorship designed to aid in their victimization. Teaching the ways of war rather than peace insures that peace will never be successful.
We favor ending public sponsorship of single-sex education at the Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership (VWIL).Virginia has made cooperative techniques of instruction available to female students at VWIL but nowhere to male students. The US Supreme Court has ruled that sexist educational practices do not meet the standard necessary for government support.
Election integrityWe recognize the right of each individual voter to choose between several means of casting a ballot, including with pencil on paper.If elections are ever again to translate the will of the people into action, the process must be open to easy inspection by the press and the public.
We favor providing sufficient choice in every election so that voters will be able, should they choose, to retire incumbents without changing policy.In many elections, one has the choice of rehiring an incumbent who has not served adequately or voting for someone of a party one does not support. There should be sufficient candidates on the ballot to provide adequate choices.
EquityWe favor limiting federal disaster relief to a bit less than 100%In 1992, President Bush gave Florida residents who had suffered uninsured losses 100% of what they had lost. Thus, compared with those who had recovered their losses because they prudently paid paid insurance premiums, uninsured or underinsured homeowners wound up ahead by the amount of the premiums they never paid. Why should people buy insurance against disaster, if they can rely on Uncle Sam for a complete bailout, at taxpayer expense? What is to discourage building in unsafe places that are exposed to hazards, if the high cost of insurance is eliminated as a factor?
FinanceWe favor reducing Federal Deposit Insurance by a small percentage, to provide some incentive for depositors to scrutinize financial institutionsPast generations of depositors have been careful to invest their money with institutions they believed prudent. Now, many choose unstable banks offering unrealistic returns, depending on the FDIC and FSLIC to protect them. Although the depositors are protected, the taxpayer is taking a bath because of the Savings & Loan crisis, a result of negligence caused by 100% deposit insurance.
Foreign policyWe favor ending diplomatic pressure to enforce US law in foreign courts.When used to lock up Americans in foreign prisons, this is a method of bypassing the US Constitution.
We favor binding the US government to US law, whatever the venue.US law provides the American people's only control over the federal government and its agents.
We favor immediate turnover of control in Iraq to a proportionally-elected government (either local to Iraq or following other rational boundaries), with any necessary security provided by the United Nations.For constituencies not yet ready to hold elections, seats can be left vacant until properly filled.
We favor recognition of a proportionally-elected government in Kurdistan.Kurds have the right to determine their own future.
We favor combining Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and related Palestinian territory into a secular state, along the lines envisioned by the Brit Shalom faction.Religious discrimination is inconsistent with a modern idea of human rights.
We favor creation of a proportionally-elected governmental entity with teeth to replace the United Nations, having responsibility for such matters as atmospheric pollution and epidemiology that cannot be handled piecemeal.As constituted, the United Nations must defer to irresponsible governments.
Government accountabilityWe favor requiring chief executives of government to answer questions from members of the legislative branch (as in the UK Parliament).
We recognize the joint responsibility of government offices to answer requests from the public. We propose establishing one-stop halls of government in every community that will address the needs of the public instead of sending people across town.Federal agencies have become flagrant buck-passers. We've sent letters to the White House, asking direct questions about policy, that were never even acknowledged.
We demand freedom from the tyranny small states exercise through their control of the US Senate."All states are a collection of individual men. Which ought we to respect most, the rights of the people coposing them, or of the artificial beings resulting from the composition? Nothing could be more preposterous or absurd than to sacrifice the former to the latter. It has been said that if the smaller states renounce their equality, they renounce at the same time their liberty. The truth is it is a contest for power, not for liberty. Will the men composing the small states be less free than those composing the larger?" --Alexander Hamilton
We advocate abolition of the Defense Department, Department of Energy, CIA, NSA, FBI, DEA, ATF, and Army Corps of Engineers.Operating above the law, these organizations do more harm than good.
We favor repeal of Article II of the US Constitution.It is a patchwork of amendments, representing repeated failures. Let's just scrap it.
We favor breaking the legislative season of the Virginia General Assembly into several portions, allowing citizens greater opportunity for input.Currently, legislators consider thousands of bills during an unbroken eight-week winter session. This schedule, a holdover from the days of unpaved roads, limits the ability of citizens to study the legislation and consult their legislators. Not even the legislators have sufficient time to read all the legislation. Lobbyists control the legislative process. Aside from farmers and lawyers, there are few professions from which a person can disappear for two months.

The schedule should be changed. The General Assembly should meet three times, first to formulate bills, second to vote on bills in the house of origination, third to vote in the other house. In between, legislators would return to their communities to discuss the agenda with their constituents.
We oppose tight residency requirements for legislative candidates.At present, drawing a district line around a candidate's house is all that is necessary to gerrymander that candidate out of eligibility to represent a community. This practice is used to concentrate candidates in one district, leaving surrounding districts with no candidates. The decision should be made by the public. State legislative candidates should be able to run in any district in their home counties and in any adjacent district.
We oppose career politics, especially at one level of government.Incumbent legislators are nearly impossible to unseat. They make careers of service in single positions, without gaining experience in other roles in government or as private citizens. In particular, the US Congress displays inadequate knowledge or concern about the needs of local government -- such as schools, police, waste management, and social services. Politicians should gain expertise in the needs of society, not at how to hang onto their jobs.
We support the right of voters to choose individual electors from different slates.Restrictions on the freedom of voters cannot be tolerated.
We advocate the counting of all votes in every election.Failure to acknowledge every voter's participation amounts to disenfranchisement.
We favor transferring the appointment of a replacement vice president from the president and Congress to the Electoral College.Allowing scoundrels like Nixon to choose the next president can only increase corruption in government. Crooked administrations have to be banished, not perpetuated with interchangeable figureheads.
We support a guarantee of existence and independence of expository agencies, such as the General Accounting Office (GAO) and Office of Technology Assessment (OTA).
We favor prohibition of use of contract labor for interrogation.Private employees are subject to more pressure to break laws.
HealthWe favor a prohibition on any form of capital punishment that damages useful, needed, transplantable organs.People are dying for these organs. To make those from willing decedents unavailable is immoral.
Health is influenced by education, environment, air and water quality, diet, weather, and various types of stress. These costs and benefits must be recognized in the economy unless we wish to encourage a few to benefit by imposing costs on others.
Society should encourage health insurers, including HMOs, to charge premiums only when a client is healthy.When a client is sick, the insurer is not providing a satisfactory level of service, so there should be no charge (a parallel to the warrant of habitability that suspends rent when the landlord does not provide a minimal level of service).
A person has the right to refuse to contract with a specific insurer or HMO on philosophical or religious grounds.For example, the Roman Catholic church requires that people be involved in economic decisions that will affect them. Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witnesses have limits to the variety of treatments they can receive. Patients who have a religious objection to people other than participants making a profit from their health care are limited to a nonprofit, patient-controlled, or practitioner-controlled health insurance systems.
We urge investigation, prosecution, and charter revocation of any person or organization that pressures a physician to withhold information from a patient, to the detriment of that patient.The vertical integration of health finance and management have led to cases where the patient is not only denied payment for treatment, but denied the information that the treatment is needed. With separate insurance, at least the patient had the option to pay for the treatment out-of-pocket. With many conditions, people are less likely to be told why they are sick than they used to.
With exception for high-risk jobs, society should not encourage health insurance to be dependent on employment.It leads to discrimination against applicants with disabilities. It unnecessarily increases the worry about losing a job. The people who have the most pressing need for assistance with paying medical bills are those who lack adequate and steady employment.
Medicaid should adequately provide dentistry, mental health, and prevention in the patient's market.We once spoke with a mother who travels 100 miles to the nearest physician who will treat her daughter under Medicaid. We were three blocks from a hospital.
Medicaid should not encourage impoverishment or the rending of families to become eligibility. It should serve to strenghthen society, not weaken it.
We support the formation of co-op health management organizations, run by clients.
We favor requiring any private health insurer who has the choice of customers to participate in an assigned-risk pool to provide insurance at an appropriate cost to people who have been refused insurance.Health insurance provides dubious benefit to society if the people who need it most cannot get it. If the insurance industry makes a profit by picking and choosing customers based on their risk, it should spare Medicaid the responsibility for high-risk individuals.
Before any child is subjected to a medical procedure for the benefit of someone else, a disinterested guardian shall insure that the child is not being exploited.People seeking donors for organ or tissue transplants are being advised to produce a child. Once people agree to conceive a child for a specific purpose, that promise is difficult to abandon for any reason. Yet decisions regarding medical treatment require informed consent of either the patient or someone who will consider that patient in preference to all others.
HousingBecause tax policy has the effect of subsidizing mortgages for homeowners, we favor granting equal favor to apartment dwellers who save money toward down payment on a home.
Human rightsWe support the legal recognition of basic human rights for children.
We support legal recognition that indigenous peoples, wherever they are in the world have rights at least as much right to run their own lives and communities as anyone coming from outside.This policy can also provide exceptions for environmental damage that spreads beyond their land, environmental damage that would ruin the sustainability of their land and force them to leave, abuse of individual rights, etc. It is not intended to negate the rights of refugees and immigrants.
We favor treating postal employees as human beings, rather than turning them into mass murderers.
We favor the modification of property rights to recognize the interests of the community and the right to cross open, undeveloped land, and also to undo the influence of past victimization.This freedom is based on the right to travel, the right of indigenous nomads to continue their lives, the Scandinavian concept of "Allemansret" (Everyman's Right): the right to public access of the wilderness. Exclusion from private land is a peculiarity of laws of England, which we liked so little that we freed ourselves in 1776.
We favor allowing communities to designate park areas for clothing-optional recreation.Green parties have taken the lead on this basic civil liberty, especially in Portugal.
We favor requiring supermajorities for decisions that limit civil liberties.
We favor complete repeal of the Fratriarch (Big Brother) Act.It was pushed through Congress by deception. That must never happen again.
JusticeWe favor establishment of an administrative system of tort arbitration that would be more efficient, equitable, and adaptable to individual needs than the civil courts.The legal system has become costly to our economy and too cumbersome for most people to use. A lot of people would like to avoid it. Many civil disputes involve simple questions of fact or of principle that can be answered without the formality of a trial. The clogged court system should be freed to deal with significant problems that cannot be addressed in other ways.
We favor creation of a world court system of appeal in which any government action, any treaty, and any trade arbitration, could be challenged by individuals who are adversely affected.
We favor creation of a world civil court and arbitration system, rather than a criminal court.As definitions of crime differ widely according to the value systems and statutes arising from different cultures, expecting jurors from different countries to decide what constitutes criminal behavior is inherently problematic. On the other hand, determinations of equity and compensation have a stronger basis in logic, science, and mathematics, which are less subject to cultural bias.
We favor guaranteeing victims who gather evidence of crime the examination of that evidence by a grand jury.Crooked or incompetent prosecutors should not be able to prevent a grand juries from doing their work as they see fit.
We favor formulation of a consistent policy on diplomatic immunity that provides protection to diplomats from persecution and protection to the public from the personal misconduct of diplomats.The son of a Brazilian diplomat got away with murder in Washington because he was immune to US law and outside the jurisdiction of Brazilian law. Violent crime should be illegal for everyone, everywhere.
LandWe support legal recognition of a public interest in private land, including the right to benign access and passive recreation on tracts of undeveloped land.
PlanningPublic improvements should add value to the community without taking any away.
Press freedomWe favor protecting the freedom of journalists from manipulation to distort the news to provide economic benefit to their employers.Owners of broadcast stations, networks, newspapers, journals, and magazines are free to seek a profit by selling news to the public or to pay for undisguised advertising or lobbying. Those who sell advertising to the public engage in double-dipping. Subscription payment and/or time watching commercial ads amounts to consideration that compels the publishers and broadcasters to fulfill their contractual obligations to provide reliable information to the audience.
Public domainWe favor ending patents on discoveries, allowing them only for inventions.
We favor intellectual property laws that value public domain over control by heirs.There are unpublished letters by George Washington, sitting in museums, that scholars cannot legally reproduce. So they break the law in the public interest.
We favor loosening copyright law to recognize that authors of published works retain only economic rights, not the ability to censor accurate attribution.Using copyright law, Adolf Hitler prevented the full text of Mein Kampf from being translated into English. Thus, many English and Americans underestimated the Nazi potential for mayhem until it was too late to prevent World War II. That copyright law may have cost millions of lives, including the lives of thousands of authors who could no longer exercise their rights. Copyright exists to protect artistic integrity and economic rights, not to facilitate manipulation of the public.
Public safetyWe favor testing of reaction time for overtime workers whose mistakes can be deadly, including physicians and truck drivers.
ScienceWe favor the acceleration of research on the nature of the oceans that cover most of our planet, in preference to research in outer space.Single-minded devotion to space research blinds us to the science we must do at home. In recent years, NASA's work has appeared spectacularly slipshod, which cannot help the marketability of American technology.
TaxWe favor availability of charity tax deduction at every level of donation and income.Current federal law provides charity tax deductions only for donations exceeding $10,000 in a year. This amounts to federal promotion of elitist charities that appeal to the wealthy, with little or no support for those that appeal to the poor. Skewing tax deductability toward the wealthy has the effect of transferring money from poor to rich communities.
TransportationWe favor policies that encourage development of sufficient public restrooms and bathing facilities to provide for the hygiene of travelers, including cyclists.One of the biggest complaints about segregation was the scarcity of black public toilets, which had the effect of restricting daily activities and robbing human dignity. The end of segregation has equalized the situation in many places by eliminating white public toilets.

Many commuters who would like to bicycle to work are discouraged because they would have to remain sweaty at work. Providing safe, clean public showers could improve their health and comfort without imposing unreasonable costs on small employers.
We favor steps to provide ample, economic individual transportation at the far end of a mass transit journey or commute.Even if their homes are served by mass transit, practicality often forces people who work at remote sites or multiple sites to drive the entire way to work. For example, some railroad parking lots discourage overnight parking by people who work nearby but live far away. Systems should be developed for making vehicles available not only at the home end of the trip, but at the distant end as well.
We favor prohibiting government policy or public spending that would in any way promote inefficient modes of transportation over efficient modes. We favor the retrofitting of existing corridors for safe, efficient, energy-efficient transportation of various sizes and speeds.Congress has written laws that require the Federal Aviation Administration to promote air transportation, regardless of whether it is the best mode to use. Because air travel is among the least efficient options available, this policy tends to increase the speed with which petroleum is sucked out of the ground and spewed into the atmosphere.
We favor the removal of any administrative impediments to efficient long-haul freight transport by rail.Although railroads are often faster than trucks, about a day is lost when switching goods from one railroad to another, even when the trains are the same size and gauge. This needless waste should be eliminated.
We favor responsible development of a railroad network connecting the major markets throughout Africa, Eurasia, and America (from Alaska to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil). A tunnel under Bering Strait would likely be necessary to provide access between the hemispheres. The African portion would connect Cairo and Capetown, with westward branches through Maghreb and West Africa. The South Asian portion would connect India through Iran and Kurdistan to Istanbul. The South American portion would connect major Brazilian cities to Buenos Aires and the Pacific coast.Africa remains dependant on foreign shipping to move its goods because it lacks adequate means of moving them over land within the continent. Likewise South America. The only practical means of moving passengers in much of the world is air travel, which is inefficient in its use of energy (most of the fuel being used to lift the craft rather than to propel it forward).
We favor obtaining land to maintain transportation corridors before development of the surrounding land, reducing the need to raze buildings.Allowing buildings to be built where they will have to be torn down at taxpayer expense is a crooked practice aimed at enriching the construction and real estate industries. Either the government should buy the land when it is available and cheap, or mapping of official routes should require development rights to be transferred out of transportation corridors, preserving the value to the owner.
We favor reopening the crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty to tourists.
Truth in government statisticsWe favor amending federal racial categories to reflect reality, dividing the artificial "Asian" race and reuniting related polar peoples.Office of Management and Budget Directive No. 15 establishes artificial and insulting categories that it pretends are races. OMB lumps a majority of humanity into the "Asian" race, attempting to toss together distinct peoples, such as East Asians and the Dravidians of southern India. OMB also breaks "Alaska Native" Eskimos away from their cousins in Greenland, Nunavit, and Siberia. These categories are at odds with those known to anthropologists.
We favor publication of federal statistics for large municipalities by neighborhood (as after the 1980 census), providing a level of detail closer to what is already published for suburbs and rural areas.Rural residents can find census figures for their communities of a few thousand population, often only a few miles wide. Residents of large cities are likely to find their communities aggregated together by the hundred, making them virtually useless to detect small-scale economic and social trends. It also forces urban residents to work harder to counter gerrymanders. This lopsided treatment cheats millions of urban Americans of the service they should be able to expect.
We favor publication of federal statistics for the Roanoke metropolitan area that include all of its eastern suburbs, including Chamblissburg, Hardy, Goodview, Moneta, Montvale, Stewartsville, and Villamont.Currently, the suburbs of Roanoke located in Bedford County are listed as part of the statistical area of Lynchburg, a city about an hour away, from which they are separated by miles of rural land. It is obvious that many of these people work and shop in Roanoke, few in Lynchburg. They should be listed in the appropriate market.
ViolenceViolence must be destroyed.
We call for an end to all war, including those on drugs and terror.Drug use is a personal health matter. People have a right to their emotions, including terror.
Because superpowers are attractive targets for terrorism, we favor a world without any.
We favor underreaction to terrorism.It is the intention of terrorists to scare the societies they target into overreaction. Those who knowingly overreact are accessories after the fact in that they allow the terrorists to realize success. Morality demands thwarting violence by underreacting, thus making violent attacks futile and pointless.
We favor an embargo on conflict diamonds and diamonds from the price-fixing DeBeers cartel.
We favor establishing international standards of warfare that would eliminate homicide, wounding, deforestation, and other forms of destruction as acceptable means of resolving disputes.The Geneva Protocol prohibited chemical warfare and other weapons considered inhumane. Let's take that work further, by prohibiting bullets, grenades, mines, bombs, and missiles from being used in the next war. Primitive tribes in New Guinea can manage to conduct wars with extremely low casualty rates. So why can't "advanced" societies?

"For every problem there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong." -- H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

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