What causes war?
Ignorance at top levels of government
Most politicians who advocate war have little direct experience with it. Many chickenhawks have avoided military service.

Competition for resources
Imports of oil from the Persian Gulf create economic pressure, as well as providing money to fundamentalist terrorists. You can help bring this to an end if you don't buy gasoline from these importers.

Invasions occur either to reduce the armaments available to a competitor or to obtain rare weapons that are not easy to duplicate.
Religious jealousy
About half the human population of the earth subscribes to monotheistic religions. The vast majority of monotheists worship one male god because of that god's jealous refusal to allow rivals to be recognized. In effect, these religions validate jealousy as a basis for human behavior of individuals and societies. Jealousy, the demand for preferential treatment, inevitably leads to conflict.

Political corruption
Some examples can be found among Rep. Ron Paul's 35 questions about Bush policy toward Iraq.


Does pacifism rule out the use of force?
Not always. Pacifism only precludes the use of violence (injurious force or the threat of it). There are many constructive ways to use force without causing injury. Restraint of children to keep them from harm and life-saving surgery are two clear examples.

Would pacifists ever use violence?
Most pacifists would take the life of an aggressor if there is no other way to save innocent lives. This may include self-defense.

How can violence be discouraged?
If those who choose to employ non-violent methods of seeking their ends are rewarded with greater success than those who use violence, then violence will not be a rational choice.
How can we remake society to reduce incentives for violence?
Consult a platform for social change

How can we protect our buildings from being toppled by terrorists?
Consider these suggestions


Sent on 19 September 2011 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

I am in receipt of correspondence titled "Extremists" sent by one Al Gore. Mr. Gore says, in part, "Single-minded proponents of a dangerous and extremist agenda are working feverishly to roll back every Democratic gain we’ve ever made."

As an extremist, I am offended by this association with danger. My extreme pacifism threatens no life on this planet or any other.

I can understand why Mr. Gore would feel threatened by pacifism. Within three years after his election to the presidency, the Pentagon had invaded two countries on the far side of the world in a bloody effort to control petroleum supplies. (It is no secret that Mr. Gore is a rock oil tycoon.)

Throughout history, pacifists have been victimized by the violence they opposed. Gandhi and King are only the most prominent martyrs. We can only expect Mr. Gore's to incite more assassinations of pacifists.the crime.

Instead of alienating political factions that are often in agreement with you 'Crats, perhaps the efforts of organized Democrats would be better invested in challenging the credentials of Tea Party members who attempt to vote as Repuglicans, on the grounds that by joining the Tea Party, they left the Repuglican Party.


Wars of the World

Nobel laureate Dalai Lama urges nonviolent approach to terrorism.

Do Taliban terrorists still depend on CIA support?


Find peace in political change.

Find peace in the Ajivika religion.

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