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Idea #1: We must try to remember what is good (if its good is lasting and brings more good), seek a vision and experience of things that are more perfect than what we know at present, and communicate these things with others and explain why.

#2: I am still trying to create a more perfect community. It is necessary for the community to be self-sufficient (provide its own jobs so every member has about a 30 hour per week job to provide everyone with the basic necessities for best health (by preventing illness especially by lots of free Organic vegetables + whole grains and no chemicals in the food nor in the environment) and members should try not to buy from outside businesses so we members are not exploited.

In the near future, I predict thousands of people will die because of exploitation by the greedy who don't even care about getting rid of all the inefficiencies in society (like money itself, our governments, and transporting things and people great distances and pollution) for the good of the future generation.

To prevent exploitation within our community we will put a limit on the total amount of material possessions allowed-no more than 3 times that of the poorest member so people will compete in virtue, charity, and heroicness instead of in material possessions.

The best government is voluntary and without payed officials. Everyone must have the opportunity to make proposals and have each separate proposal voted on directly by everyone after thorough discussion of it. The justice of the legislation is directly proportional to the amount of discussion of it before the vote is taken.

We must make laws to protect our right to 30 hours per week of free time for spiritual and intellectual growth by prayer, meditation, contemplation, storytelling, education, etc.

The people who succeed in being truly heroic probably:

3) Most heroic deeds and successes require a lot of work and the sacrifice of most other things in life such as games, parties, vacations, pleasures, money, etc.

4) Forget about yourself and being important. Just try to do the most good for the most people. Try to help others become successful and important.

5) Do a lot of observing trends occuring around you so you can predict which field or career will be the most important in the future. For people starting out poor, the best fields for the future will be Self-sufficient living, Organic farming, Success (How to achieve success) and computers (for near future if there is no Great Depression).

6) Don't try to do more tasks than you can handle, especially if they are in different fields of study, or you may fail to complete all of them or make mistakes because you are tired and overworked. Actually, where transportation and communication is good, people must specialize to succeed. In small isolated communities, diversity of skills is best.

7) List your goals and write the steps to achieving them.

8) Study books on success by Norman Vincent Peale , Anthony Robbins, Benny Hinn, etc.

8) Envision a successful person who is also protective, wise, dignified and generous and gentle, or your God. Remember them being present and near you every day. Then, you will receive strength and begin to act more like a hero.

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