Bylaws of the Blue Ridge Greens enacted 9 May 2017 (current)


  1. The Blue Ridge Greens (BRG) are an association of Greens, who agree to uphold the Four Pillars and Ten Key Values of the Green Party.


  2. This Association serves communities near the location where the Roanoke River crosses the Blue Ridge.


  3. Officers shall be members of the Association, except where noted.
    1. The Local Representative shall represent the Association to the Green Party of Virginia (GPVA) and other organizations of the Green Party. Any number of numbered alternates may be appointed to fulfill this responsibility in the absence of the Local Representative.
    2. The Local Contact and any alternates shall receive communication from or relayed by the Green Party of Virginia.
    3. The Treasurer shall manage Association funds other than those connected with influencing elections or legislation.
    4. The Conveners shall arrange meetings when it is reasonable upon the request of any member and the availability of quorum, making a good faith effort to provide adequate advance notice of meetings to Association members.
    5. The Organizers shall take steps to recruit members to the Association.
    6. The Webmasters shall manage the Association's websites.
    7. The Secretary shall take minutes and handle correspondence.
    8. The Association may choose other officers as necessary.


  4. Committees
    1. The Steering Committee shall consider make decisions when a meeting is not feasible. Those decisions are subject to review.
    2. The Screening Committee shall interview and evaluate candidates for office.


  5. Meetings
    1. Any member may request that a meeting be held. The Conveners shall take reasonable steps to comply with the request.
    2. Quorum is set at three members, unless the Steering Committee sets a different number.

Past Bylaws of the Blue Ridge Greens of 2008


  1. Statement of purpose



  2. Ten-Key Values
    1. Ecological Wisdom
    2. Social Justice
    3. Grassroots Democracy
    4. Nonviolence
    5. Decentralization
    6. Community-based Economics
    7. Feminism
    8. Respect for Diversity


  3. Membership


  4. Officers & Steering Committee
    1. A board of directors called the Steering committee shall govern the affairs of the Blue Ridge Greens. The Steering committee shall consist of 5 members who shall be elected by the predecessor steering committee. Any member may be removed from the Steering Committee who has missed three consecutive meetings without cause, by first seeking consensus of the present steering committee in that it follows the decision-making process stated in the bylaws.
    2. The present steering committee shall then seek out a replacement for the vacancy to be filled as soon as possible.
    3. The Steering Committee shall serve the position for a period of 1 year and shall not serve more than 3 consecutive terms. At the end of each term the Nominating Committee shall provide a list of candidates to the present steering committee for review and selection.


  5. Meetings
    1. Notices
      1. Notice of the time, place and agenda of any meeting of the steering committee shall be mailed to each member of the steering committee at least seven days prior to the time of the meeting in that the organization is fiscally able to do so.
    2. Quorum
      1. Quorum shall exist when three or more members are present at such monthly meetings authorized by the prior meeting of the steering committee.
      2. Non-members are welcome to steering committee meetings but may be asked to leave by consensus decision of the current steering committee, for various reasons that the said committee deems necessary.


  6. Committees
    1. AD HOC Committees
      1. The steering committee may by resolution establish ad hoc committees to accomplish specified tasks and purposes. The steering committee may empower such ad hoc committees to exercise an authority of the steering committee authorized by law.
    2. Standing Committees
      1. The Steering Committee shall by resolution establish standing committees. The Following are the standing committees:
        1. Nominating Committee
          1. A nominating committee shall present a slate of prospective board members and officers at the annual meeting.
          2. The nominating committee shall also present a slate of prospective candidates to run for public offices with in the geographic scope of the Blue Ridge Greens in a timely fashion that corresponds to the election time cycle.
        2. Platform & Elections
          1. The Platform and Elections committee shall draft and maintain the platform plank for the Blue Ridge Greens.
          2. The P&E committee shall ensure that "Green" candidates have adequate staffing in order to run a campaign within the limits of the organization.

  • See also historic bylaws of the Green Party of Virginia (GPVA):

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